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  1. Hello Jatishji

    I tried to play programs of DJs on demand but I could not play them. Can you tell me when these are uploaded?

    Regards and Good Night.

    Parma Nand

  2. Just a Thought.

    When listening direct on 1701khz or online or on my computer saves that i have , i hear so many beautiful songs and sounds , and i am very sure that those same lyrics that i can not understand would also be appropriately associated ; that i would be prepared to subscribe to a English translation facility or something like that .

    Imo , it is also the language that makes these so nice :-)

    • Will sure think on your suggestion, Paul (OkHooNz). It is difficult to translate all the songs that we play on the live radio, but still we’ll see how we can start catering to audiences who don’t understand Hindi songs. Of course, the translation cannot happen in the live radio, so the brisvaani website will have to support some translation mechanism, which translates the songs as they are playing on live radio.

      Have added this suggestion on our TO DO list.

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