Singh siblings murders: Vijay Singh breaks down in court

Vijay Singh (right), the father of the three murdered Singh siblings, going to the court in Brisbane.

The father of the three murdered Singh siblings broke down while testifying at the Brisbane trial of accused killer Max Sica.

Sica, 41, has pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court to killing his ex-girlfriend Neelma Singh, 24, in her home in Brisbane’s northside in April 2003.

He has also pleaded not guilty to also killing her younger siblings, Kunal, 18, and Sidhi, 12.

Prosecutor Brendan Campbell has taken the children’s father, Vijay Singh, through a series of crime scene photos.

They included a bloodstained bedroom at the family’s Bridgeman Downs home where the murders took place.

Mr Singh broke down while being quizzed about them.

The court also heard a recording of an angry confrontation between Sica and Mr Singh.

The fight happened at Mr Singh’s home at Bridgeman Downs, on Brisbane’s northside, six months before Sica reported finding the bodies of the Singh siblings there.

Sica accuses Mr Singh of molesting his children and says to Mr Singh: “I could cave your… head in right now and get away with it – capisce?”

Mr Singh denies the molestation allegations, and Sica threatens to have Mr Singh arrested and killed in jail.

Both men reported each other to the police.

The court also heard Mr Singh and his wife would meet strangers for sex.

The details of the couple’s lifestyle emerged as Mr Singh was cross-examined by Sica’s lawyer Sam Di Carlo.

He admitted to arranging for himself and his wife to meet with an unidentified man on the Gold Coast for sex in the month before the murders.

Mr Singh said after engaging in a sexual tryst with the man in March 2003, his three children joined the couple for a holiday.

The admission comes after prosecutor Michael Byrne warned the jury they would hear about the Singh family’s “dirty laundry” to provide some context to the complex relationships of those close to the three dead siblings.

Mr Singh told the court he and his wife would meet like-minded men and women through a magazine, and that the liaisons followed a tumultuous period in their relationship.

He admitted he had been having an affair with a woman in Fiji, Karun Singh, but that this had soured.

Under cross-examination by Mr Di Carlo, Mr Singh said Karun was jealous and possessive.

He said his wife often received phone calls from an unidentified person who would boast about the relationship.

“She wanted you. She was desperate to push Shirley and your family away and have you for herself,” Mr Di Carlo said.

Mr Singh said he told Karun he would never leave his family for her but that he had never been threatened by anybody while he was in Fiji.

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